Jeny Guneva

Jeny Guneva is attracted to glass when, looking for ways to diversify her unique jewelry, she comes across the technique of fusing. Initially, the author experimented with glass as a hobby, but gradually turned his hobby into innovative art. About her meeting with the glass, she shares “I found something different that I may have been looking for, but I didn’t even have the courage to dream. I feel like I’ve found myself. The pursuit of perfect forms, because of her engineering education and her creative nature, lead her to try different techniques and processing of glass. Jeny Guneva’s glass sculptures are unique and most of them are very functional. The author shares the following about her style: My need to create something interesting that I have not seen elsewhere has led to my own style. The most important thing for a design subject is to grab attention, excite you and bring aesthetic pleasure. In order to expand her knowledge and skills, she also completed a master’s degree at the National Academy of Arts, majoring in Porcelain and Glass Design.


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