Lighting design

The lighting design provides the traditional comfort of an illuminated room while adding a different visual atmosphere to the space. Glass artist Jeny Guneva creates various designs of chandeliers, hanging lamps, bedside lamps, etc. Due to its technological nature, lighting undergoes constant innovation and improvement. Glass artist Jeny Guneva has developed new approaches and applications of light.The desire of everyone to choose and arrange their home so that they feel comfortable even in the dark part of the day results in the need for spectacular and functional interior lighting.

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Types of lighting fixtures

Various lighting fixtures available on the market make interior lighting a severe and independent branch of design. Searching for the ideal positioning and identifying the optimal type of interior lighting, size, color, and number – is not an easy task that requires attention. Glass artist Jeny Guneva strives to achieve the beautiful effect of a well-lit interior. The different types of interior lighting, depending on their placement in the room – unique sconces, chandeliers, pendants, and table lamps, are incredibly varied and spectacular. We will share tips and favorite suggestions to make your interior lighting choices more manageable and productive! Interior lighting is an essential part of the overall home and office design. That is why we create spectacular and unique lighting.


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