Unique dinnerware sets

Nothing is more impressive than fine dinnerware sets serving your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. GJ Art Glass was founded in 2018 with the intention of transforming any interior into a highly livable environment.

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Here you will find dinnerware sets for everyone

A wide range of dinnerware sets waiting to take their place in modern and original homes. Knowing how to match the right dinnerware sets for dining requires careful consideration of your preferences. Dinnerware sets for dining are essential for a sense of luxury. There is almost no standard shape in Jeny Guneva’s designs as in traditional dinnerware sets. Instead, you will find many shapes, textures, and combinations of colors.

If you like unconventional design – it’s time to choose from JG glass art’s stellar selection. With substantial potential options in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The key to deciding how to match the right dinnerware is carefully considering preferences. If you have just moved into a new apartment and want it to be different, impressive, and interesting, you can choose our dinnerware set.

Dinnerware sets for gift

With dinnerware sets, you can make an elegant gift for the whole family, an anniversary, or a family celebration. There are many possible options. Dinnerware sets can be platters, party sets for hors d’oeuvres, cheese, and more. So unleash your imagination and choose something really special. Thanks to the various sizes, they can easily be used for appetizers, nuts, tapas, bruschetta, and more. First of all, determine the preferences of your loved ones so you can serve the most practical dinnerware set.

The unique dinnerware sets are stylish and impressive at formal gatherings.

At JG glass art, we try to ensure that you always have plenty of options for your home. The combinations on the page from the website show some of the many opportunities for dinnerware sets. Take a look at the other pages, and you can choose different, impressive, and spectacular dinnerware sets.

Traditional dinnerware sets are assembled with 6 or 12 similar dishes that should be changed. A greater variety in the size and shape of the individual dishes in a dinnerware set will bring art to the look of the served table. Choose the size of dishes in the dinnerware set, depending on the size of the kitchen, dining room, or household members.

Choose the color or scheme of dinnerware sets.

The choice of color scheme allows for increasing the effect of the respective dinnerware set to a much higher degree. Be prepared to take the extra time to look at the dinnerware set options on offer, while at the same time, you can make your combination of the most spectacular items according to your sense of harmony and art. Then, when everything has been considered, and you have oriented yourself in the way you will complete your dinnerware set, you will be pleased and relaxed with your choice.

The idea for dinnerware set collection

Create a fantastic impression when you have guests with a dinnerware set from our modern collection. First, take a look at the pictures of the dinnerware set on offer, and then you can choose from the many dishes on the site that you would like the most. Finally, take a look at the attached pictures on our website pages. You have possibilities for countless exciting combinations.

An idea for decorating a New Year’s table with glass transparent dinnerware sets

The festive trappings of Christmas and New Year abound with colorful accents – multicolored candles, flowers, and Christmas tree branches. For this reason, we offer art dinnerware sets from transparent glass for these holidays. This way, you will have lots of colors, art, and joy on your table. But for the New Year’s Eve celebrations to be genuinely festive, you must first create this New Year’s Eve fairy tale with your own hands at home. This is precisely what we will help you with. The picture shows you how you can decorate the table for the New Year. We will also show you little secrets for the best and most fashionable table decoration for the New Year. You will also be able to bond and have fun with those nearest and dearest to you decorating the house and, in particular, your New Year’s table.

We offer an idea for serving breakfast on the patio with a glass dinnerware set

The dinnerware set collection pictured is grey and clear glass. The subtle reflections and interweaving stripes of the two colors create a unique sense of sophistication to the suggested Dinnerware Set. Complemented with candleholders or a low vase, this dinnerware set brings a defiant coziness. You can match their colors with festive colors and thus enhance the atmosphere of any celebration and preserve its spirit in every dish you serve in the new dinnerware sets.

Variety of unconventional shapes and color combinations in dinnerware sets.

Choose a color or scheme, and be prepared to take the extra time to look at the offer.

Serve food in style in dinnerware sets from GJ Art Glass. Whether you аre hosting an informal brunch or a formal holiday party, we can help you find the right dinnerware sets with decorations for a flawless look of the served table.

How to arrange dinnerware sets to create the perfect impression

Centerpieces should be low enough for guests to see. Candles can be placed on either side of the centerpiece for an elegant candlelit dinner. The versatile dinnerware sets will bring style to the table with durable, decorative, and functional glassware. Stylish dinnerware sets add charm and warmth to your table.

Materials used for the fabrication of the dinnerware sets offered by GJ Art Glass 

Dinnerware sets are made of glass colored in the process of making it, with the so-called “table coloring” technology. The colors do not change with use and do not cause allergies.

Unique dinnerware sets
Here you will find dinnerware sets for everyone
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