Vase Calmness


Multifunctional glass plastic to use as a vase or as a candle holder. Love is two bodies in one soul. And this candlestick indeed expresses this idea. Where the flame of love burns, there is a bridge to another sweetheart. So when you light the candles in this candlestick, you will feel the light and warmth of mutual love.

This candle holder also has two glass cups that you can use to pour water when you use it as a vase.
Made of dark grey glass with “fusing” technology, this vase (or candle holder) will give your living room a modern look and coziness. An unforgettable and original gift for a loved one, for Valentine’s Day, name or birthday, and all kinds of family celebrations and anniversaries, to which you give skills and exceptional attention to your loved ones. And most of all, to show our love. Be creative!

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Length ~290 mm / ~11.42 inch
  • Width ~150 mm / ~5.91 inch
  • Height ~120 mm / ~4.72 inch
  • Weight ~1.01 kg / ~2.23 lb
Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 29 × 15 × 12 cm
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