Glass Plate Fused Glass Art

Glass Plate Fused Glass Art


Glass Plate Fused Glass Art | Original Table Decoration | Original Glass Art | Unique Glass Décor | Stained Glass Light

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Glass Plate Fused Glass Art

With the color and scent of caramel!
Made of glass with "fusing" technology, this fantastic bowl is comfortable and practical and can find various applications in your home. A very suitable gift for the home. Even if they have been living together for a long time, as is increasingly the case, the chances of the newlyweds having this unique fruit tree, approaching the sculpture, a combination of art and functionality are minimal. You will not go wrong if you give this plastic as a gift. It brings a sense of style, class, and caramel.

Lenght ~ 240mm; Width ~ 210mm; Height ~ 80mm; Weight ~ 0,385kg.
Lenght ~ 9,45inch; Width ~ 8,27inch; Height ~ 3,15inch; Weight ~ 0,85lb.

Information on materials, care instructions, or cleaning tips.
The glass is colored during its production; its colors are durable and cannot be changed when washed. As with all art glasses, we recommend hand washing. They should not be washed in a dishwasher or subjected to abruptly changing temperatures.
Please note that photos may have darker or lighter colors on different monitors.

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We love it! Excellent quality and very beautiful. We were very impressed with the care taken to pack and ship it as well.


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