Glass candle holders

Glass candle holders make your home cosier, every day of the week. JG Art Glass offers a range of candle holders that can help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home. Choose from elegant glass candle holders. They will add a special touch – a candle in a unique glass candle holder . Sit back and relax in the candlelight, enjoy its atmosphere created by the glass candle holder. You can use beautiful traditional candles or electronic candles, JG Art Glass offers a wide variety of glass candle holders in which to arrange them.


Decoration for different occasions with glass candle holders


There are many holidays you can brighten with glass candle holders – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter. They are also suitable accessories for engagement, birthday, religious ceremony. Decorate a festive dining table with a set of glass candle holders and they will increase the effect of the table arrangement and add solemnity to your celebration. A coffee table decorated with a small, stylish candle holder is a lovely addition to the furnishings and is never superfluous. Set of several glass candle holders, in a colorful combination.


Alone or arranged in a group glass candle holders can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Whether lit or extinguished, candle holders are a decorative element in the home. Decorate with candles in different colors or the same colors in multicolored glass candle holders.


Our glass candle holders are a work of art and an extraordinary addition to any home that loves an original and unconventional solution. Glass candle holders create romance, peace and comfort in the home. If placed in a sunny spot or near a light source, a glass candle holder looks simply amazing!


Glass candle holders reflect candlelight magnificently to add sparkle and elegance to the wedding table.


Glass candle holders


Add a warm, inviting glow to your living room, bathroom or patio when you add glass candle holders to your decor. These chic glass candle holders allow the light of a flickering candle to shine brightly as the lighting dances off the glass surface. You will appreciate the wide variety we offer for your special moments, from formal occasions to casual everyday indulgence. Browse our Glass Candle Holders page. Bring the light of candlelight into your home with these chic Glass Candle Holders , which can satisfy any taste.


Create a stunning centerpiece with glass candle holders.



Place a few different glass candle holders in the middle of your table for a romantic, warm atmosphere. They are also a wonderful choice for weddings and other special events, and glass is irreplaceable for countless occasions, especially with burning candles placed in glass candle holders.


Add a gorgeous sparkle to your decor by bringing glass candle holders into your home. These glass candle holders are also amazing centerpieces and can help you create the look you desire for your home. On the JG Art Glass website, you can browse our amazing selection aimed at homeowners of all taste. These unusual glass candle holders have an intriguing sense of movement.


Luxury glass candle holders


Whether you place a tea light candle, large, small or slim candle, our selection of designer Glass Candle Holders provides beautiful ways to add the ambiance of candlelight to your home. Choose from our variety of designs, these glass candle holders make exquisite gifts for loved ones on special occasions.


Unique set of glass candle holders


In the attached pictures you can see the different ways our Glass Candle Holders can be used. As well as being a decorative element, they also turn into vases if you place glasses with water in them. Find the perfect combination of decoration and functionality to add interest and light to your bedside table, windowsill, bathroom or coffee table.


Glass Candle holders are the perfect way to change up your room, whether you аre recreating a romantic tablespace or adding a touch of opulence to your decor. In our collection, you will find many options that will transform your home from ordinary to inspiring. Combine with our decorative accessories for added elegance.


A wide range of glass candle holders, pots and decorations by JG Art Glass


The JG Art Glass Glass Candle Holders , pots and decorations offer a special approach to interior design.


We also have a wide variety of glass candle holders in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles that will complement any home perfectly. Candle holders are also a great option for decorating events, whether it is for table centerpieces or creating unique, personalized displays.




Create the right atmosphere with glass candle holders with scented candles


Fragrances are a powerful way to create a feeling in any space; different scents bring different moods. Discover our Glass Candle Holders in which you can place scented candles.


Glass candle holders for tea lights



Transform your interior and create a cozy and intimate space with the soft flicker of candlelight in glass candle holders. Choose from our collection of striking glass candle holders to add subdued lighting to your dining table and living space.


Glass candle holders for tea lights – occupy the elusive intersection between ornament and functionality. These versatile items often look lovely on their own, but it is really the glass candle holders that come alive with the warm glow of the candles.


The flickering light in glass candle holders always create comfort and warmth at home. To create a mysterious and romantic ambiance, especially when beautiful and elegant scented candles are used as the fire source, complemented by stylish contemporary glass candle holders.


How to clean glass candle holders?


Cleaning glass candle holders is as simple as cleaning any other type of glass. They can be cleaned with warm water, soap and a dish rag. If there is wax inside that is hard to remove, you can use hot water and a bottle brush to make it easier to scrub off.